Massage for Back pain|用賀の鍼灸マッサージ治療院 ANCHOR(アンカー)








Acupuncture and Massage for Back pain


Taking pain killers is not the only choice for back pain  

For those of you who is suffering from  Back pain and Sciatica , acupuncture and massage are  one of the most effective treatments for you .

What we provide here at ANCHOR is natural , safe and effective treatment .

We also treat pregnant women as well .

That’s how safe acupuncture is as well as massage .

In acupuncture treatment we use micro fine needles for pressure points on your body .

These needles are very thin like your hair .  Every sessions are relaxing and our  Patients often sleep while having treatment .

Ancient Chinese and Japanese knew that our body has channels around our body to approach inside of  our body . These channels are called “pressure point”.

Acupuncture treatment and pressure point massage stimulate the channel to maximize your body’s natural healing function .


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